Released on September 20tH 2021


10,000 Unique CryptoFunks As previous Punks are almost unreachable for most, we gathered up our team to create an unofficial sequel. Owning a Funk gives you exclusive access to upcoming events and launches by BlackTown Labs. Uniqueness is guaranteed for every Funk minted as we could come up with new atributes and ideas. Founded by a team of hard working creative crypto & blockchain enthusiasts, BlackTown’s looking forward to create amazing experiences built on web3.

Our ROadmap


We will do bunch of giveaways in a form of NFTs and Ethereum transfer. Stay tuned on our social media platforms such as Twitter and Discord to not miss anything. We will give back 30% of the revenue back to the community to show our appreciation.


10% from Crypto Funk revenue will go directly to the charity of your choice which will be voted off on Twitter few days after the project release. Also we will give some of you NFT's in a form of free giveaway to show our appreciation.


We will drop amazing Funk merchandise for free to our Funk holders and also make a giveaway as soon as it arrives to our warehouse.


We will establish a liquidity pool and seed it in order to help stabilize the price of the CryptoFunk NFT/Token. The idea is to launch this 2 days after launch and buy up a great amount of Funks at floor price.


If you haven't heard the term "NFT" before, it stands for Non-Fungible Token. NFTs represent digital (and sometimes) physical assets and collectibles, acting as verified certificates of authenticity and ownership. NFTs give value to things that would otherwise have no tangible value, such as digital art.

Simply click "connect wallet" at the top, connect your digital wallet (there are numerous guides for setting these up online - we recommend Metamask) and click the mint button at the top of our page. The mint button will be revealed on the day of the drop.
Funk NFT are available for initial sale for a fixed price of 0.02ETH.

As the original CryptoFunks are unreachable for some of us we wanted to create an equal opportunity for everyone demanding such creative art. That's we have made this unofficial sequel with new variations to choose from.

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